Golden Wi-Fi Hotspot Marketing

Are you interested in offering free Wi-Fi and growing your business?

Surveys have found that 3 out of 4 consumers said that offering free Wi-Fi has an influence on where they choose to shop, eat, drink, and sleep.   It is a service that consumers expect and actively look for in a place where they will trade.  It is becoming a generally accepted expense of doing business, but wouldn’t it be great if that expense could become an asset to your business?   Well, it can with the Revolutionary Golden Wi-Fi Hotspot.

The Golden Wi-Fi will allow your customers to connect with their preferred social media site in exchange for free internet access.  You will be able to capture your customers’ real email address and tap into their Facebook Social Graph to gather valuable demographic data while monitoring engagement in real time.  You will be able to retarget those customers with promotional offers, alerts, and upcoming events.  You will now have direct access to your customer that you have not previously been able to contact them for new promotions and events!   The Golden Wi-Fi Hotspot is a new monetization tool for your business.

Good news is we will do Everything for you.

  • Golden Wi-Fi device technical set up at your location.
  • Connecting your social media profiles (Facebook, Linkedin, etc.)
  • Landing page set up and design and redirect
  • The only social-powered Wi-Fi solution with 256 bit SSL Encryption
  • Social media retargeting consulting
  • Live notification and messaging campaigns available
  • Works with all laptops, tablets, and smartphones

We are an authorized seller for the Social Wi-Fi Hotspot.