Enhance your reputation online and the sales will follow

Enhance your reputation online and the sales will follow

Get a five Star online reputation and Market it, and Getting more Customers.

Who is comfortable buying a product that has a poor ratings and reviews?  Is it likely that you will continue your search until you find the product that has a good to excellent reviews?  Naturally, we are going to choose to not purchase those items with low ratings when an identical or similar product with high ratings is available.  If you have a low rating for our business online, how is it going to affect your business and sales?  It will affect it adversely, of course.

The game is changing and it is very likely that your competition is not aware of the radical shift, yet.  Businesses have the opportunity to not only manage their business’ online reputation, but they can begin to market their 5 star reputations with the right systems and tools.  But first they need to elevate their business to a 5 star reputation before they can leverage it effectively to get more customers.

We all know the importance of having strong recommendations in the form of “word of mouth advertising”.   That form of advertising is giving way to online reputation and purchasers are going to online sources to determine how a product or service is viewed and rated.  In  fact, 72% of buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations!  If companies do not attend to their online reputations, they will lose customers to the companies that do actively cultivate their reputations.  Reviews posted online are the second highest trusted source now.  It is more trusted than editorial content from a newspaper or branded websites.  Only recommendations from people that they know are more highly trusted than online reviews and ratings!

It has been found that 70% of consumers’ trust companies that have a minimum of 6-10 reviews and they look up an average of 10 reviews before making a buying decision.   Do you know what your company’s reputation is online?  Are you interested in quickly separating yourself from the pack and marketing your five star reputation and getting new customers when your competition is not?