Reputation Marketing vs. Reputation Management

Reputation marketing and reputation management are synonymous with other, aren’t they?  It is just another way of saying the same thing, right?

The answer is no.  There is a difference and it is a significant one.

Broadly speaking, it is a different position or posturing as to how you will approach how your business is perceived online when your users search for you or a need that you serve.  Reputation management is defensive and reacting to what your customers’ comments or ratings have placed or posted about you on various online directories.  Chances are that the comments might be favorable and this is, of course, good and desirable.   It is the negative and unflattering comments or ratings are where the frustration and the irritation are created.   And that would be assuming that that you are even aware of the world-wide stinger.  It is difficult to combat that which you are not even aware that exists.  Well, reputation management lets you become aware of the infraction that has been imposed against your business, so you have an opportunity to address it and respond to the potential misunderstanding.  It is your opportunity to bring clarity to the issue and guard against your otherwise hard earned reputation.

Reputation marketing is the proactive choice as opposed to reactive and it asserts an offensive posture to enhancing your online reputation.   With reputation marketing, you are making a conscious choice to develop and cultivate a five star reputation online.   It is a star rating that Google will display when a user searches for you or your service.   It is a rating that you will have and your competition will not have.   Which service would you select when one has strong social validation and the others only have their blank or un-starred listing?  It is has been found that each half star rating improvement can translate into a 19% sales growth for restaurants during peak dining hours.  With the five star rating, you have the ability to leverage and market your increasingly enhanced asset.

Are you a market leader in your field?  Do you wish to be perceived as a market leader in your field?  This intent can be achieved through your reputation marketing efforts.  One of the beautiful equations of reputation marketing is that it is a success that breeds greater success.

Just how powerful and useful are ratings, reviews, and comments online?  70% of consumers trust online posts which is the second most trusted source behind recommendations from people they know and that has a 92% trust rating.  To provide some scale on trust influence, newspaper articles and news agencies were 58%.   Ads on TV were rated at a 47% trust level.  Having positive rating online is a powerful vehicle for positioning your company as the leading solution to your target customer.

With reputation marketing, not reputation management, businesses have the opportunity to very effectively enhance their brand.  That will translate to higher sales with more customers and the opportunity to raise their price or fees for their products and services.

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