First Timer’s View at SXSW Interactive

I decided to attend South by Southwest this year.  I went to the SXSW Interactive which is their high tech and internet focused festival.  One of the primary reasons for choosing to go the conference was basic curiosity.   I have watched this festival being a strong regional event to mushrooming rather quickly or seemingly quickly to a national and international event.  I also had noticed that the television news agencies were doing live updates at the trade show.  Bloomberg, Wall street Journal, and FOX Business were the agencies that I have watched the past 2 years.  They probably had a presence prior to that, but that is when it had come to my attention. Starting an online or internet marketing agency, I was curious as to what topics and subjects are trending in this space.   I knew that SXSW interactive was huge, but I was not aware of how colossal it actually is.  Most folks who live in Austin are not aware how large it is, they know it as a very large music festival.   It takes up the entire Austin Convention Center and it bleeds out into 8-10 downtown area hotels and the Palmer Center.  Some the ACC is […] Read more »

Reputation Marketing vs. Reputation Management

Reputation marketing and reputation management are synonymous with other, aren’t they?  It is just another way of saying the same thing, right? The answer is no.  There is a difference and it is a significant one. Broadly speaking, it is a different position or posturing as to how you will approach how your business is perceived online when your users search for you or a need that you serve.  Reputation management is defensive and reacting to what your customers’ comments or ratings have placed or posted about you on various online directories.  Chances are that the comments might be favorable and this is, of course, good and desirable.   It is the negative and unflattering comments or ratings are where the frustration and the irritation are created.   And that would be assuming that that you are even aware of the world-wide stinger.  It is difficult to combat that which you are not even aware that exists.  Well, reputation management lets you become aware of the infraction that has been imposed against your business, so you have an opportunity to address it and respond to the potential misunderstanding.  It is your opportunity to bring clarity to the issue and guard against your otherwise […] Read more »